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DEATH OF THE APOCALYPSE is a hauntingly eerie nove

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Date Posted: Feb-25-2020
Posting Id: 2946619


DEATH OF THE APOCALYPSE is a hauntingly eerie novel:
Death’s horse reared up, snorted, and pawed the cement, causing sparks as his hooves scraped against the cement. Now the lieutenant drew his weapon. Death took up a stance, brandishing his sword. Charges of electricity radiated from the ghastly entity.
“Who are you?” the lieutenant asked. “What are you?”
“I am the darkness, the intolerable, the horrid. I am evil and all you fear. I am pestilence, the decay of life, and all you detest. I am oppression and hopelessness. I am the chill that sweeps through a man before fear sets in, and the cold that devours life after fear has taken its toll. I am all that is vile, and all that is unbearable to mankind. I am Death”
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