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Easiest Marketing / Sales Opportunity From Home

Reply To: Please see contact information in the Ad
Date Posted: Sep-20-2021
Posting Id: 7387306


If you are a sales / marketing professional, (or an entrepreneur who knows a great opportunity when you see it) then I can virtually guarantee that this will be the easiest opportunity you've ever seen.
Step One:
Imagine GETTING a FREE DEVICE that sits on your window sill and earns you $300 - $2,000 a month, every month from that point on?

Step Two:
Imagine GIVING (not selling) your prospects a small device that sits on their window sill and earns them $300 - $2,000 a month, every month from that point on?

The device is FREE to them, yet it earns them a recurring monthly income...
And, even though THEY PAY NOTHING for the device...
YOU still earn between $100 - $800 EVERY SINGLE MONTH off of THEIR device... (recurring income, from ONE "conversion")
That's right...
THEY earn $300 - $2,000 a month... (depending on their location and other factors)

Step Three:
And because YOU introduced them to this little device, (you GIFTED them a new income...)

YOU earn $100 - $800 a month, FROM THAT ONE DEVICE, EVERY MONTH that their device stays active...
(That's $1,200 - $10,000 a year PER DEVICE YOU GIVE AWAY FOR FREE...)
Amazing, right?

So, basically here's what you get to do in this business.
You get to "give away money" (income streams, really) and get paid nicely for it.
Not only do THEY get a monthly, recurring income, month after month, but…
YOU also get paid a monthly recurring income for doing that for them.
In over 23 years of researching business opportunities, I have not seen anything like this.
I'm looking for entrepreneurs, salespeople, and marketers who can help us build out this new network.
It is the network of the "Internet of Things" (IoT) devices.
These are the smart devices that are in everyone's home right now - smart thermostats, smart fridge, Ring doorbell, your pet's collar. All are part of the IoT network and we are building that network.
This network is being built out worldwide, but there are still MILLIONS of hotspots that need to be placed - all around the world.
If you're looking to build a monthly, recurring income...
If you want a massive, passive income...
If you want each day to be at a higher monthly income than the day before...
If you want to earn an income that does NOT depend on anyone selling something OR buying something...
Where no money changes hands, yet we all MAKE MONEY...
If you want a "Covid-proof" income...
And you want to build true wealth.

Then Just email me at funfactmedia@gmail.com and I’ll send you a free mining assessment / report that tells you how much your miner will earn right now along with more information and the link where you can sign up for your FREE HELIUM MINER. Or just visit https://afreeminer.com/ if you are ready to reserve now.
You'll be glad you did.