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is it really free?
Yes, Classifieds4me is 100% free with no fine print or strings attached.

How long does my Ad active?
It dependes on the category, but it'll be active for atleast 60 days.

how to post
Go to the Home page and click on the 'city' in which you want to post an ad. Click on the 'Post New Classified Ad' button located at the right hand side of the top corner of the page. Follow the menu and you will receive an email to publish your posting.

how to reply to a post
If an email address is in the posting, you can reply to this email address using your own email account. If the contact address is anonymous, for example Click Here To Reply To This Ad, then you can clicn on this link, compose your message and click 'Send'. The poster will receive your message immediately. If no contact address is given in the posting, please look in the message itself to contact the poster (for example, a phone number or street address).

how to edit or delete a post
The self-publishing email that is sent out after submitting a posting contains a url link. Click on this url link, and you will have the ability to edit or delete your posting from a web browser.

how to include a picture
You can add images from other sites (free image hosting sites) using the <img src=> html tag in the body of the posting. Or you can also upload upto four images (GIF or JPG) with your Ad.

where's my post
After submitting a posting, you must check your email address and click the self publishing link in the email. Click on that link to publish. Once published, your posting will appear with other listings and search engine immediately!

where's my self publishing email?
Once a posting is submitted, an email is sent to your email address. Sometimes email clients or webmail services such as hotmail or yahoo may put new email addresses in the junk/bulk/spam mail folder. You should check those folders for Classifieds4me emails. If you find Classifieds4me emails in those folders, make sure to tell your email client (or webmail service) to allow emails from Classifieds4me. This way you will receive new emails from Classifieds4me.

what is a "flag"
If a posting is inappropriate (miscategorized, prohibited, spam, discussion) for the category it's in, Classifieds4me users can flag the posting. You can find the flags at the top right corner of a posting. When enough people in the community flag a posting, the posting will be either removed or moved to a more appropraite category. We believe that the community can help moderate the postings.

how can we contact you?
If you still have questions email help and we'll be happy to help you out.

Can you add a new city?
Please send us your city and we'll add it!