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Install the unique RV City water inlet adaptor kit ( Topanga )

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Date Posted: Jan-11-2022
Posting Id: 7404679


Discover the permanent solution to all the problems of screw-on water inlets by installing the unique quick connect RV city water inlet. The user can gain time not having to screw on and off the hose ends and turn off the water when connecting to a hose nozzle. Moreover, you can rest assured of a leak-proof sealing cap made from electro-polished 316L corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Electro-polishing the stainless steel is the same material and process used for surgical equipment. This aids in closing all the micro-openings in the metal increasing its corrosion resistance and making it easy to sterilize keeping your water safer from contaminates. Visit us at https://easyflowflushing.com/rvs/