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Why The Human Element Matters in Business ( Tokyo )

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Date Posted: Mar-30-2022
Posting Id: 7452619


Organizations benefit when employees are able to speak their minds. When employees feel safe and comfortable voicing their opinions, suggestions, concerns, even complaints, they feel more open and willing to invest in their work and relationships. This openness creates an environment where more ideas are shared, promoting innovation, effective communication and helping the organization predict potential threats or problems in advance.

Unfortunately, this is not how most organizations operate, where most people hold back saying the things that they are truly thinking. Here are a few examples. A new project is initiated by top management, and it needs to be initiated by the team leader and implemented by the team. Deep inside the team leader does not want to implement the new project because they do not believe in it and in many cases feel it is the wrong thing to do. The same thing is happening with the team; there is no trust or buy-in, so they are dragging their feet. If one could look into the minds of the leader and team, they might find thoughts/self-talk.